Store Policies

General Guidelines and policies for our customers

Store Hours

Normal Closing time for our store is at 1am Monday through Saturday, 10pm Sunday, and an extra 15 mins to 30 mins can be available to customers while the employee is closing up the store. If the store employee has the available time, they have the right to close at a later time but do not assume this will happen all the time.

On slow nights, we will be closing down the back room at midnight. If there is room in the big side of the store, around 11:45pm, we will be asking you to move from the small room into the larger room so that we may clean and shut down the room. If there is no room in the larger side, the back room will stay open to closing time.


Computer time must be paid in advance with each customer using his/her own user name and password. Store computer time cost $4 for an hour or $15 for the day. Laptop network access cost $2 per day. Computer time and laptop access MUST be done by an official store employee only. Any other access or usage not given by the official store employee will be considered theft of service.

Use of the printer by customers is prohibited unless permission is given by an official store employee. Any copies made using our printer will be charged a $ .25 fee per page used.

The store has and will share with our customers extension cords and powers strips. During the week and between the hours of noon to 6pm, customers are free to use any combination of them for personal use. On the weekends and after 6pm during the week, customers may only use one ( 1 ) of those items per group so that other customers have access during our busier time periods.

Chairs and Tables

Chairs and tables are available for use at no charge. Access to tables and chairs may be limited or denied under certain circumstances.

Chairs have been broken by customers of all sizes and shapes. That being said, leaning back or standing on chairs and stools is completely prohibited in the store. If you are a multiple offender in leaning back on these items, the store employee has the right to deny you usage of chairs and/or stools.

For the most part, tables will usually be available for use by customers. There are occasions where we have a tournament(s) going on where availability is limited or tables are completely unavailable. We have league nights where priority for tables will be 100% given to the league players. Also, players that have set game nights set up with the store will have priority on tables.

If tables are unavailable, please ask an employee for a estimated time that he feels a table might become available. This will be an estimate, not an exact time. Tables at times may appear open for use but are empty due to a lull in between rounds, or a league player just waiting on his opponent to show up so that they may get started right away. Before that estimated time, please do not sit there arguing with or hounding an employee for use of a table. It will probably only get you being requested to leave the store.